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Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Sam. I am a lover of a lot of things.

I like to brainstorm and run with big ideas.

I believe happiness is within all of us; we just have to do some self-discovery to unearth it.

I have created this space as a place to ponder the way society thinks; to break molds; to follow our hearts; to create a path to achieve our goals; to find happiness; to empower; to push; to provide a shoulder to cry on; to encourage healthier living, mentally and physically.

I love Harry Potter. I love J. K. Rowling even more. I usually don’t read or write fan fiction, but I might post some here, maybe. J. K. Rowling approves of fan fiction surrounding Harry Potter so I don’t feel as guilty. I’ll dig into themes of the book; create my own story lines; and continually aspire to be a witch myself. I also love a zillion other authors in fiction and non-fiction. I’ll share some as I go.

I will touch on a plethora of topics in this space. Running a blog/website/business, web development, opening a successful etsy shop, photography tutorials, current events, attachment parenting, psychology, reviews of my favorite books and products, healthy living, and so on.

This place is and always will be an open-minded, accepting, and bleeding heart for protecting human rights for all people, with a focus on race, sexual orientation, and age (i.e. children).

I love to meet new people, in person and virtually. Shoot me an email. I would love to chat with you!

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