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Detachment Parenting: How Did We Stray So Far From Humanity

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It can be a difficult task, discussing parenting methods and tactics. People are often passionate and even more so, defensive. I want to open this article up with the idea that this isn’t a slap on anyone’s wrist saying, “bad parent!” but rather a piece to make you think, to encourage you to research, and to not just go with …

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Women’s Spotlight: EasyPoli

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The Women’s Spotlight focuses on women that are changing the world; women that are running their own businesses; women that are stepping out of the patriarchal bubble that a percentage of the world operates inside of. Women’s Spotlight is about women’s empowerment, normalizing the fact that women are intelligent, capable, powerful, equal, and qualified to do anything that they choose …

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Bringing Forth Your Brilliance

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The old stories spoke often about medicine. Not the medicine that we know today as an ingestible substance or course of study, but defined by the innate gifts each one of us carry. Native elders taught that some medicine is inborn, as a unique talent or offering we have to share with the world. If we live an intentional life …